Quality Portable Horse Stalls for Sale

Sunset Horse Stalls has you covered for your next horse shall, fair, exhibition, or clinic!

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When it comes to horse stalls, Sunset Horse Stalls understands that you want to work with someone you can trust. After all, your horse only deserves the best. That's why Sunset Horse Stalls specializes in the creation of quality portable horse stalls, perfect for any occasion.

Need a temporary horse stall for your next show or exhibit? We also offer rentals!

In the heart of Amish Country, our craftsmen pour generations' worth of skill and artistry into each and every horse stall. We've been building our custom horse stalls for local auctions for years and now we're finally ready to offer those same quality horse stalls to the general public!


Pickup, Pricing & Installation Details

We want to make the process of buying and receiving your horse stall effortless, so we've provided our customers with two options:

  1. You can pick up your portable horse stall from our facility and assemble it yourself.
  2. We can deliver your stall and help you assemble it.

Our stalls were designed for quick assembly, but we've created a helpful assembly guide to take you through the process, which you can find here.

If you're having your stall delivered, our mileage fee is $1.50/mile (round trip) over 50 miles.

Please enter your address below to calculate milage from your location to Sunset Valley Portable Horse Stalls:

We make buying portable horse stalls easy
There are no minimum orders!

For a complete 4-sided, free-standing 10' x 10' stall: $1,885
For 1 front and 1 side panel: $1,055
(ideal for corner stalls where 2 walls already exist)
For 1 front panel: $640
Individual side panels: $415

**12' x 12' units with 7' high walls are available on special order. Call for additional details and order information.

Feel free to contact Christian at 877-389-0844 or email us for for an accurate quote on your portable horse stall.


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Standard Portable Horse Stall Features Include:

  • 10' x 10' unit; 84" walls
  • Constructed with heavy wall round tube to eliminate horse injury
  • All seams welded to provide maximum durability and appeal
  • Indestructible, foolproof latch keeps horse secured in stall
  • Fully assembled panels let you set up in less than 5 minutes (per stall)
  • Lightweight and portable design for ease of transportation and teardown
  • Loads into most trailers with ease
  • Strong enough to be used as a permanent stall
  • Stylish designs come in a range of optional colors to suit your taste

Portable Horse Stall Specifications:

  • 4 O.C. bars, 3" in between
  • ¾" plywood panels
  • Stalls can be linked together for a continuous row
  • 116" outside dimensions
  • 9' x 9' interior dimensions
  • Designed to fit into a 10' x 10' space
  • Hinged door wings in or out with a spacious 52" doorway
  • Panels come fully assembled—and there's no need to paint
  • Back wall and dividers are the same for added versatility

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