Want to Sell Sunset Portable Horse Stalls Yourself?

Sunset Portable Horse Stalls wants to build a dealer network quickly. If you are an existing equine supplier consider adding Sunset Portable stalls to your products.

A few dealers already have stepped to the plate and agreed to be our dealers. You can purchase one single 4-sided stalls to use as a display model at your retail sight, or you can use all of our marketing material to promote your portable stalls on your website. We have a few protected territories already, so if you are even remotely intersted, give Chris a call at 877-389-0844 and have a chat to learn more about how it would work.

If you're a show promoter for large events, or even a yearly weekend horse show, owning your own portable stalls can be a really easy way to generate some extra cash.

After just a few rentals, you will have your initial investment paid off, and all future revenues are cash in your pocket-free and clear.

portable horse barn

horse riding event

Interested in Selling Them?

We welcome chain stores, tack & feed shops, or individuals to our Dealer Network.

Contact Christian at 877-389-0844 or

horse riding competition
equestrian event
portable horse stall

Designed to fit into a 10' x 10' space

Portable stalls in stock and can be shipped worldwide.

easy to assamble horse stall

1 front and 1 side panel, to set up in the corner of the barn where 2 walls already exist

horse stall front panel

Front Panel

horse stall assembly

Side Panel