About Us

Sunset Valley Metal Craft is a family-owned company known for our metal fabricating throughout Pennsylvania's Amish countryside since 1975.

We're innovators in our industry and enjoy a reputation of excellence that is unmatched!

We specialize solely in custom architectural and standard horse stalls and one-of-a-kind aluminum barn doors. We have strict quality control from start to finish, including the shipping or personal delivery, ensuring our products arrive to our customers scratch-free. We serve barn builders and horse enthusiasts all over Lancaster County, PA, across the entire East Coast and beyond.

Our business is built on the values we've passed down from generation to generation. One of our most important values is taking the time to really listen to our customers. That's why we rarely build anything until we've met with a customer one-on-one in our office or on site. We like to establish expectations and ensure we meet them on each and every job we undertake. This makes each individual job special on our part, ensuring it gets individual attention which is vital in getting the job done right.

We offer delivery and installation on all our products with our own crew of dedicated employees. Sunset Valley Metal Craft's owner is also part of the crew.

Our personal service, dedication to quality and attention to detail has helped us establish a thriving business that serves our families, our customers and our community!

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